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Kathleen Black Reynolds, Esq.Criminal Lawyer Licensed in Massachusetts.

Kathleen Black Reynolds is a dedicated criminal lawyer located in Woburn Massachustts. Her knowledge of the criminal justice system makes her a valuable asset to a defendant in a criminal case. The system is complex, and no defendant should navigate their way through it without representation. Many times, a defendant's civil rights have been violated through unlawful searches and seizures or wrongful identification. Attorney Reynolds will seek to have any evidence obtained unlawfully or in violation of her client's rights suppressed or thrown out so that it cannot be used against him or her at trial.

Attorney Kathleen Black Reynolds, Esq. is a zealous advocate for her clients and diligently seeks the best possible resolution for each of them. She has experience defending clients from the outset of an allegation at a clerk magistrate's hearing through trial and the period of probation.

Kathleen Black Reynolds, Esq. practice areas include all criminal matters. More specifically, she has defended clients facing:

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The outcome of a defendant's case will depend on many factors including, but not limited to, their previous criminal and probation history, the alleged facts of the case, the amount and extent, if any, of harm or injury to the complaining witness, etc.

Kathleen Black Reynolds, Esq. is a respected and compassionate defense attorney. She takes a holistic approach to her defense strategy, considering her client’s social, criminal, educational and personal history when advising and keeping them informed. She involves her clients in the process and relies on them to take a proactive role in their defense.

Kathleen Black Reynolds, Esq. is an experienced attorney who is familiar with the criminal justice system and all the significant players.

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Client Reviews

Criminal Case:

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you so very much for standing with me. What a relief!

I also want to say that it was genuinely inspiring to see you volunteer free legal advice for that women who couldn't financially afford it.

You're the Best,