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Assault and Battery Lawyer - Woburn Massachusetts

Assault and Battery Lawyer - Woburn MassachusettsAssault is either an attempted battery (unlawful touching) or an immediately threatened battery. If you are charged with assault, then you are accused of attempting to use some degree of physical force on someone or you intended to use immediate force on someone. For example, if you throw a punch at someone – and miss – that's an assault. Or, if you come charging at someone with the intent to throw punches at them, that's an assault.

Battery is the actual touching of someone without justification or consent. For example, pushing your girlfriend out of your way during an argument is an unlawful touching – there was no consent and you likely cannot justify it. (Unless you pushed her in self-defense.)
Whether or not the complaining witness was harmed is irrelevant. It's the actual touching or intent to touch that matters.

One will rarely, if ever, be charged with just a battery. In other words, with every battery comes an assault. There are also aggravated forms of these offenses:

  • With a dangerous weapon
  • On a child under the age of 14
  • On someone over the age of 60
  • On a pregnant woman
  • On a police officer or public employee
  • Causing serious injury

These offenses are not to be taken lightly. They carry a jail sentence. If you have been charged with any of these offenses, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney to help you navigate through the criminal justice system. The outcome of your case will depend on many factors including, but not limited to, your previous criminal history, whether you are currently on probation, the amount of injury or damages to the complaining witness, etc.

KBR is an experienced attorney who is familiar with the criminal justice system and all the significant players.

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