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Motor Vehicle Violation Attorneys in Massachusetts

Motor Vehicle Violation Attorneys in MassachusettsCriminal charges involving the operation of a motor vehicle are very common. Law enforcement has the right to run a license plate number for no reason. A driver's driving and criminal records are immediately available to the officer, giving him or her the right to stop a vehicle and question the driver.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will be notified of any criminal charges or civil infractions alleged against you, and will notify you of its penalties and fines as a result.

These offenses include:

  • OUI
  • Homicide by Motor Vehicle
  • Negligent Operation
  • Reckless Operation
  • Attaching Wrong Plates
  • Leaving the Scene of Property Damage
  • Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury
  • Operating Without a License
  • Operating After Suspension of License
  • Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle
  • Use of Vehicle Without Authority
  • Authorizing an Unlicensed Operator to Drive

These offenses are not to be taken lightly. Some carry a jail sentence. And most carry steep fines and RMV penalties. If you have been charged with any of these offenses, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney to help you navigate through the criminal justice system. The outcome of your case will depend on many factors including, but not limited to, your previous criminal history, whether you are currently on probation, the amount of injury or damages to the complaining witness, etc.

Kathleen Black Reynolds, Esq. is an experienced attorney who is familiar with the criminal justice system and all the significant players.

Call or email her for a complimentary consultation - 781.935.7100